Stan Ofsthun Award

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The late Stan Ofsthun of Sierra Research, was the first president of the SRE in 1971 and 1972. As a member of the Buffalo Chapter from its earliest beginnings, he was responsible for initially leading SRE beyond its beginnings in Buffalo to the present organization with more than twenty chapters worldwide.

This award recognizes the best technical paper by an SRE member accepted for presentation at the Annual RAMS.

The award consists of a certificate of recognition and $1,000 CASH. The "Call for Papers" appears early each year. Abstracts must be submitted to RAMS and to the SRE by April. The criteria for the Stan Ofsthun Award are (1) being an active member of SRE, (2) having the paper approved for presentation at the annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), and (3) being selected by the SRE Paper Awards Committee. SRE members can submit their papers destined to RAMS, through their local chapter president, to the SRE paper Awards Committee. The Chairman is:

SRE Paper Awards Committee
C/O Dr. J. A. Nachlas
250 New Engineering Bldg.
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Va. 24061-0118
Lambda Notes will reprint award winning papers in future issues with the permission of RAMS and IEEE.

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