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VOLUME 29, ISSUE NO. 2 December 1996
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PRESIDENT: George Chernowitz , Washington Chapter
VICE-PRESIDENT: Hans Reiche, Ottawa Chapter
SECRETARY: Duane Cook , Belvoir Chapter
TREASURER: Lynwood Rabon , Belvoir Chapter
Addresses for the Directors are available on the SRE Homepage.


It's taken awhile, but we've got another issue finished. We are still looking for input from many of the chapters. I'd like to thank those who sent information in about the activities of their chapters. If you have information to share, an article to submit or ideas for future articles you'd like to see, please submit them to: Editor, Lambda Notes, Barbara Howard, P.O. Box 367, Ft. Belvoir VA 22060, or email to .


It's official, we have two new chapters. Welcome aboard the Albuquerque Chapter and the Rocky Mountain Chapter. These chapters were approved in July and we look forward to working with them. They can be reached through the following officers.

Albuquerque Chapter, Albuquerque NM
David Crean, Chapter President
(505) 846-2833

Rocky Mountain Chapter, Colorado Springs CO
Pat Larter, Chapter President
(719) 556-2571

The Board of Directors will be holding a meeting at the RAMS Symposium in Philadelphia, date and time will be posted at Symposium. Stop by and participate or just say hello.


I would like the thank the Buffalo and Ottawa Chapters for forwarding information on their chapters activities. The Buffalo Chapter also publishes its own Newsletter, which has been very inspiring to those of us working on Lambda Notes.

Buffalo Chapter

In early 1997, the Buffalo Chapter plans to offer a course in Reliability Prediction, focusing on the detailed use of Weibull techniques. This will be an advanced course. For addition information, contact Thad Woronowicz (716) 687-6092.

The Buffalo Chapter is sponsoring a Joint ASQC and SRE Technical Program, Tuesday, 7 January 1997, 5:45pm. The topic will be Total Quality Management (TQM): A Multiple Model Approach. POC is Charle Brooks, (716) 675-1031.

Ottawa Chapter

On 26 November 1996, the Ottawa Chapter had their Third Technical Meeting of the 96-97 Program Season. The speaker was Mr. David Pedley, Vice President, Quality Assurance, DY-4 Systems, Inc. Kanata. Mr. Pedley spoke on the subject, Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) and Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits (PEMS) Applications in Rugged Environments: Removing Performance and Reliability Risks.

Ottawa offers a calendar of events featuring different technical topics. The next scheduled event will be held on 25 February 1997. The topic - an Update on the ISO 9000 Dependability Program by David Kiang, Nortel, Nepean, ON. POC is Mr. Allan Knaut, (613) 591-3600 x1507.


The BOD is still looking for membership information from various chapters. Membership listings have been received from the Southeast Michigan , Huntsville, Rocky Mountain, Albuquerque, and Belvoir Chapters. We ask all other chapters to please forward a copy of their membership list to Duane Cook , Secretary.


The Board of Directors is still looking for a point of contact within each chapter with Internet mail access. This will enable each chapter to receive the latest information and documentation, quickly and efficiently. We have points of contact for the following chapters: Southeast Michigan, Buffalo, Albuquerque, Belvoir, and Washington. Board Secretary, Duane Cook, is heading up this effort and can be reach thru Lambda Notes or at

Why provide an email point of contact? Just recently two job announcements (listed at the end of this newsletter were received). This information was send out, the same day, to all the contacts we had available. If you're looking for a job or now someone who is, you know how important a timely response is.

In addition, the RMS Partnership has been looking for contacts for the review of critical new commercial standards. There is more information on this under Standards and Specifications.


The following is a list of upcoming events that may be of interest to the Reliability professions. Events listed are not necessarily sponsored by SRE.

13-15 January 1997
Translog '97
Transportation Logistics Symposium
Washington, DC
Contact: Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE) 81 Professional Place, Ste 211, Hyattsville, MD 20785
Tel: (301) 459-8446 or Fax: (301) 459-1522

13-16 January 1997 (Note new date)
Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
Philadelphia, PA
Contact: RAMS Database Coordinator, 804 Vickers Ave., Durham, NC 27701-3143

12-16 May 1997
Effective Maintenance Management Conference
Asia Business Forum
Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur
Contact: Siti Z. Abas, Conference Dev. Manager,
email: (unverified)
*Mr Abas is looking for anyone with ideas or papers for this conference.


Efforts are moving along slowly to update the SRE's documentation. The BOD is still looking for anyone or any chapter that would like to assist in this effort. If you are interested, contact Woody Rabon or Duane Cook.


All At-Large members should have been contact by their nearest geographical chapter or the Board of Directs. If you haven't heard from anyone, contact SRE Secretary Duane Cook.


This section will be reserved for discussion on the status of Reliability related Government and Industry Standards and Specifications. The following information is from David Mandell , who is very involved in the RMS Partnership, and reflects the very latest on what's happening. We have been working with Mr. Mandell to establish a relationship between SRE and RMS for the review of new standards. Mr. Mandell is looking for a single point of contact with each interested chapter.

Maintainability Application Guide WG6 27 pp S: 20 Jan 97

IEC 300-3-5 Dependability management - IEC Draft 81 pp S: 2 Jan 97
Part 3: Application guide-Section 5: Reliability Test Conditions & Statistical Principles

IEC 300-3-7 Dependability Management - IEC Draft 38 pp S: 15 Mar 97
Part 3: Application guide - Section 7: Reliability stress screening of electronic hardware

IEC 300-3-11: Dependability Management - IEC Draft 50 pp S: 15 Mar 97

Part e: Application guide - Section 11: Reliability centered management

If you would like copies of the above mentioned documents for review please contact David Mandell.


Rome Laboratories is in the process of releasing an R&M Primer, which was initiated through the RMS Partnership, to printing. Rome estimates that approximately two months may be needed to complete the printing process. A DTIC number will also be provided for ordering purposes if copies are not available through the Rome POC, Joe Caroli .

This Primer is a compilation of existing RMA documents (including specs, standards, handbooks, etc.). Identified within this primer are currently available non-US military, international and commercial standards that can potentially replace those military speicifications and standards that we (US DOD employees) traditionally use for specifying RMA requirements.

Please feel free to send your mailing address to Joe Caroli's email address above for your personal copy or to receive DTIC ordering information.


Reminder to Chapter Officers, dues for 1995 and 1996 need to be forwarded to the BOD. The BOD is working on the Budget and needs chapter inputs, review your records and let them know as soon as possible.

1998 RAMS Symposium

Call For Papers & Tutorials

1998 International Sysmposium on Product Quality and Integrity, RAM Symposium. 1998 RAMS will be held at the Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim CA USA on 19-22 January 1998. You must submit an abstract of your paper or tutorial prior to 15 April 1997. The abstract must follow the format as specified in the Call For Papers. The full Call For Papers can be accessed on the world wide web at

SRE members who submit papers to RAMS are eligible for the Stan Ofsthun Award and prize money for the best SRE paper.


SRE's Homepage can be found at: .

Other sites on the Internet that may be of interest. Listing are arranged alphabetically. The sites listed have been verified by the Lambda Notes editor as operating. If you know of any other sites, we will be publishing more as they become available.


The following review was provided by Allison Vuille, President, Belvoir Chapter .

RAC Blueprint for Product Reliablity, Defining Reliability Programs, RBPR-1

The Reliability Analysis Center's first Blueprint for Product Reliability, Defining Reliability Programs, RBPR-1, does a good job of laying out the basics of establishing a reliability program. The document is written in a user friendly fashion, and takes a common sense approach to structuring a reliability program. Emphasis is placed on establishing program goals, and identifying the purpose of a particular analysis, task, or test activity as it applies to the product being developed, which is critical when making decisions on how to spend and prioritize program funding.

The blueprint is organized in a logical manner, in a sequence similar to which one might follow when establishing a reliability program. The first two sections give some basic definitions, and then go through the thought process involved in developing a reliability program, identifying factors that must be considered, such as the customer's needs and expectations and the intended use environment. There is also a two page summary listing all of the individual activities which might contribute to a particular reliability program. The last two sections contain a list of references and a matrix of guidelines for tailoring a reliability program based on the product complexity and whether it is intended for the general public, industrial use, or the military. The tailoring guidelines are very brief, and experience is naturally the best guide, but if you don't have much of that useful commodity, the matrix provided can give you a good start on tailoring the reliability program.

The third section provides most of the meat of the document, and is structured based on the what, why, when, and how of each issue that should be considered when formulating a reliability program. What I like, though, are the insights and examples, which help increase the reader's awareness of how the nature of the product affects the reliability program definition. The issues are identified as defining the program, developing reliability goals and requirements, designing for reliability, assessing reliability progress, measuring product reliability, and ensuring reliability performance.

In total there are a series of six blueprints that have been published by RAC, each one addressing one of the above issues. Based on this reader's perusal of the first blueprint, the series is definitely worth having as reference material.

Additional information on RAC's Blueprints can be obtained from RAC at: (888) RAC-USER (722-8737), (315) 339-7047
or from email:

If you have any short technical articles, book or software reviews, or other information to share with our readers, please contact the editor at: Editor, Lambda Notes, Barbara Howard, P.O. Box 367, Ft. Belvoir VA 22060 or emailed to


We've had several job announcements come in that might be of interest to someone in our membership. Copies were emailed to the few chapter address we had. The information is also provided below.

Received 12/17/96--Reliability Engineer Position

Growing manufacturing company in the Midwest seeks reliability/testing engineer with a minimum of three years experience in electrical engineering/ electronics with exposure in the personal computer industry.

Incumbent will be responsible for component failure analysis and prevention, computer component test equipment selection and methods, systems reliability analysis, and failure rate curve analysis. Competitive salary and benefits including health, 401K, and profit sharing.

Qualified candidates may forward their resume and salary expectations via mail, fax, or e-mail (no phone calls please) in confidence to: CH/EFL Associates
7101 College Boulevard Suite #550
Overland Park, KS 66210
Fax: (913) 451-3219
E-mail address:

Received 12/16/96--Reliability Engineer

The Executive Search firm Cochran, Cochran & Yale, Inc. has contacted SRE with information about a job opening in Western New York state.

Position: Reliability Engineer

Company: World leader of consumer products

Location: Western New York


To assure that all products and associated packaging are reliable, safe and manufacturable. Reliability engineer is the focal point for all safety/regulatory compliance issues for their team. Engineer is expected to review all compliance test data and ensure the proper filing of same.


Engineering Degree, ASQC certification helpful; Demonstrated knowledge of modern reliability engineering tools, such as FMEA, DOE and Weibull distributions, confidence testing, etc.; Well versed in product testing.; Possess knowledge in product development cycles including techniques to shorten cycle without sacrificing product reliability.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience. (They mentioned over the phone that relocation expenses were negotiable.)

Contact: Lois A. Januale
Cochran, Cochran & Yale, Inc.
5166 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14221
Phone: (716) 631-1300
FAX: (716) 631-1319

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