This website is currently under construction.

If you are an At-Large member of SRE we are actively seeking your input for this web page. What information do you want to see here? What types of interaction do you desire with fellow SRE members. Please send us your thoughts and ideas for this web page.

Many individuals interested in reliability do not live near one of our established and active chapters. To serve them, SRE has created an "At-Large Chapter". This is a "virtual" chapter in that our meeting place is on the Internet and our means of communication is via e-mail. Otherwise, it functions like any "regular" chapter. A separate area of the main SRE Website is being set aside for the use of At-Large chapter members where they can compose messages, discuss technical issues of interest, and on which technical presentations will be posted.

Members enjoy the full benefits of SRE membership, and are eligible for the various prizes offered by our Society.

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